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What You Need to Know

The type of Destin Beach Wedding rentals you will need depends on what is included in your selected venue and what your vision is. One of the many benefits of a Destin Beach Wedding is that you have a stunning, natural backdrop that will serve as your focal point. With a breathtaking natural background, less is more for decorations.

Any venue can be transformed with wedding rentals. Chair covers, decorative tablescapes and flowers, accent walls and specialty lighting are just a few of the many creative options.

What to Consider with Destin Wedding Rentals

Destin Beach Weddings

  • Typically an arbor / pillars and wooden chairs or benches are enough.
  • Creative accents can include smoothed aisle way with rose petals, flower accents on chairs, fabric draperies / flowers for arbor, etc.
  • With the breezy nature of the beach, a professional PA system is recommended so everyone can hear the music, officiant and your vows
  • Make sure your rental company gives you a full price, including set up / clean up fees, taxes, etc.
  • Check the policies of your Destin Beach Wedding location to ensure you are complying


  • For a rehearsal dinner, brunch and/or wedding reception, the linens you select will set the tone, style, and basic theme for your bridal event. Your tablescapes will be the first thing your guests will see when entering your bridal event.
  • Showcase linens that represent your personality as a couple as well as including small, memorable accents or details.
  • Your rentals vendor or wedding planner can work with you on creative ideas like nautical starfish, lighted flower centerpieces, tall candelabras, framed photos or anything else you can think of.

Catering Rentals

  • Check to see what your catering package includes. Do you need to rent formal plateware, silverware or glassware?
  • Do they provide linens? Do you want to go beyond the white linens and incorporate your wedding colors in your seating and tables?

Reception Rentals

  • What does your reception venue include? Do they provide tables, chairs and linens?
  • What other options are available? Chair covers, tablescapes, centerpieces, flowers, etc.?
  • What specialty decor options are there? Can they do specialty lighting, ceiling or wall accents, etc?


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